Alternative Investments

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We are deal Hunters delivering best opportunities and products for our Ultra High-Net-Worth investors in Private equity or real property, FX account management, venture capital, hedge funds, commodities, renewable energy projects, and tangible assets. Whereas income diversification minimizes risks and boosts returns. Our energy in FX account management is outstanding because DARAHIM does believe in leading Portfolios to unleash the full potential of your capital.

Alternative Investment Products

Commercial Plot Beach Front Yas Island Abu-Dhabi (Permission Residential Building)

AED 95,000,000

Plot In Business Bay Burj Khalifa District

AED 140,000,000

Dubai Marina Tower Residential

AED 270,000,000

Forex Managed Account

Because every second matters, let us take care of the details

Average Annual Return
Minimum Fund to Start
Risk Management Policy

We Invest and Trade in Forex Market On Your Behalf

Global Foreign Exchange Market
Forex has the largest market capitalization among all other asset classes, the $6 trillion daily trading volume makes it a perfect market for investment. The high liquidity lends to less volatility and stable wealth growth. Darahim is specialized in Forex trading - USD, JPY, GBP, and other major currencies, Commodity - Gold, and occasionally other asset classes on the global market when opportunities come up
Portfolio Account Management
We monitor the global market daily, analyze opportunities, and execute trades on your trading account for you. We are not the custodian of your cash, but we partnered with Swissquote - global regulated investment firm, once your account is open with Swissquote, we will only have the access to execute trades on your trading account, while you remain the sole owner of your cash

Darahim is an Innovative Investment Company

Licensed Investment Company
Established in the heart of the financial hub of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates at June 2019. Darahim is licensed to manage investment funds by Department of Economic Development under the activity Investment Brokerage, and authorized for discretionary management of forex accounts by global investment firms, for instance, Swissquote
0% Risk Management Policy
Capital Protection is rule number Zero. We don’t compromise on the capital, regardless of the expected returns, we don't risk a single penny of the investment capital That's why, we succeeded over years to sustain profits, thanks to our 0% risk managemenet policy
25-Year Of Global Market Experience
Although Darahim is newly established, but we have been in the market for so long, we traded Funds, Stocks, and Forex over the counter, by phone, and even by fax. Not only we have accumulated hands-on experience, but also our team holds various academic degrees in Economics, and Wealth Management
Accredited Asset Managers
We are internationally accreditated asset managers by two world class institutions CISI and Swissquote, and we always keep our team updated academically and professionally
$1,000,000 Portfolio AUM
We are proud reaching our 1st Million Dollar in no time. Our progressive development, innovative approach, and stringent risk management policy enabled us to walk faster, and we are about to start sprinting
Innovation And Agility
Are our key values. Economy analysis, trading strategy, and portfolio management are essential skills to run investments, however, at Darahim we believe that this is not enough! Therefore, we Innovate, and Renovate as we go, it is a DNA for Darahim, while the Agility keeps us rapidly adapting to highly changing market condition

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0% Risk Management

We have been working hard for years to innovate a perfect combination between reasonable profits and robust protection of the investment capital, and we trust that we have found it! Our secret of the stable wealth growth is the Risk Management Policy that we follow. A set of boundaries, rules and techniques that we follow when executing trades, which enabled us for years to sustain profits, and mitigate the loss rate to 0%.

For example, we only trade major currencies to ensure enough liquidity and well-distributed capitalization. Also, our unique way to weigh trading sizes, stop and profit levels let us count for the worst of the worst condition of the market, in addition to many other rules that we accumulated over years. The result is a successful trading and sustainable profits.

Our risk policy is not a secret, we are happy to discuss in details with you. Contact Us if you are keen to learn more details.

Protection Of Funds

Darahim only partner with world class investment institutes, that's why your capital is well-protected under the Bank Act regulation where it requires that any assets hold in custody are kept separate from operational assets, and well-safeguarded. Which gives investors the comfort that in case of insolvency or bankruptcy the funds are kept safe for the benefit of the custody account clients.

Cybersecurity is taken seriously to protect funds, it is 2-way responsibility - the investor and the company. Swissquote applies best-in-class security mechanism to ensure highest levels of cyber protection.

Confidentiality And Data Protection

We are required by law to main strict confidentiality in respect of the relationship between Darahim and the Client. Darahim may be required to disclose to regulatory authorities, brokers, or custodians personal, financial or other data relating to the Client. Darahim does not have the right without clear consent from the Client to disclose any information, details pertaining trading account, personal information, or relationship description to any other parties.


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