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About Forex

Forex is the Global Foreign Exchange Market where investors trade global currencies electronically. The exchange rate and competition between the major global currencies (USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, GBP, CHF, NZD) creates high-liquid stable markets for investments, and by buying and selling at the right times, with the right quantities, profits are made! Forex market is for Small, Medium and Large investors.

Understand The Managed Account

Your Investment Account

Is the account that is created through one of our trusted global partners, for instance, Swissquote. It is a standard Banking Account with an IBAN, but it is used for Forex Trading instead of regular banking activity, and it has access to Global Market Exchanges

Forex Managed Account

Darahim has contractual agreements with the global investment partners to execute trading orders on your account on your behalf, while you remain the only owner of the account and has the sole power to manage the fund, for instance, deposits or withdrawals

Account Fee

It is Free, without charges by Darahim or Partners, this is applied to opening, using, and trading conditions. In fact, Darahim’s customers get extra customer care and better trading conditions. The only fee is the Darahim’s share from the profit, as detailed below

Fund Ownership

You are the sole owner of your own fund and all the operations that can be done over the fund, that includes, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and all other activities. Darahim preserves the right only to execute trades on the global market on your behalf

Tracking And Reporting

You will be able to track executed trades real-time 24x7x365. You will have view-only access to the Forex Trading Account, where we will be trading on your behalf. You will be able to see current, and past positions, in addition to pending orders through Mobile and Online

Withdrawal Right

You have the discrete power to withdraw your fund at anytime directly through your Online Banking portal with the account provider without the need for Darahim’s approval. Banking operations of your account is regulated under the FCA and ECB rules

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50% Average Annual Return

Over the last years we have seen an average of 50% annual return on investment. While it can range based on the market condition during the year between 30% to 100%, the stable average is 50% for over 5 years so far. That means the annual estimated profit is $50,000 of an initial $100,000 capital. Hence, total account value by end of the year of $150,000

50% Fee Of Profit

We charge 50% of the return profit by end of the year, or by the end of the trading cycle. We tend to think of you as our partner, not only a client. Hence, the 50% share of the profit. For instance, if initial capital of $100,000 generated $50,000 by end of the year, Darahim’s share is $25,000 and the remaining $25,000 is the net profit to you

Handcrafted Trading For You

We craft manual trades based on every account’s strategy, conditions, or investment capital. We don’t use any means of automatic trading which mostly generates low quality trades based on pre-defined rules. We believe that applying our pre-defined risk rules and strategies tailored for each client and account is much more rewarding and safer. Read more about our Risk Policy >>

Major Currencies And Commodities

We are specialized in Major Currencies and Commodities. We chose to trade it due to the high market liquidity, room to apply risk measures, and our deep understanding of their price actions. Besides, we occasionally trade Major Indices. We trade securities online, using Meta Trader or similar platforms and we ensure hand-crafted positions for each client

USD 500,000 Min. Capital To Start

Initial capital is one of the most important factors for our risk management policies to apply correctly, and to ensure highest level of protection of capital and trades. Over the years we concluded that a minimum of $500,000 is required to guarantee stringent risk policies, flexible margin for trading, safe trading and convenient profits.

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0% Risk Management

We have been working hard for years to innovate a perfect combination between reasonable profits and robust protection of the investment capital, and we trust that we have found it! Our secret of the stable wealth growth is the Risk Management Policy that we follow. A set of boundaries, rules and techniques that we follow when executing trades, which enabled us for years to sustain profits, and mitigate the loss rate to 0%.

For example, we only trade major currencies to ensure enough liquidity and well-distributed capitalization. Also, our unique way to weigh trading sizes, stop and profit levels let us count for the worst of the worst condition of the market, in addition to many other rules that we accumulated over years. The result is a successful trading and sustainable profits.

Our risk policy is not a secret, we are happy to discuss in details with you. Contact Us if you are keen to learn more details.

Protection Of Funds

Darahim only partner with world class investment institutes, that's why your capital is well-protected under the Bank Act regulation where it requires that any assets hold in custody are kept separate from operational assets, and well-safeguarded. Which gives investors the comfort that in case of insolvency or bankruptcy the funds are kept safe for the benefit of the custody account clients.

Cybersecurity is taken seriously to protect funds, it is 2-way responsibility - the investor and the company. Swissquote applies best-in-class security mechanism to ensure highest levels of cyber protection.

Confidentiality And Data Protection

We are required by law to main strict confidentiality in respect of the relationship between Darahim and the Client. Darahim may be required to disclose to regulatory authorities, brokers, or custodians personal, financial or other data relating to the Client. Darahim does not have the right without clear consent from the Client to disclose any information, details pertaining trading account, personal information, or relationship description to any other parties.


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