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We started in 2010 as a Real Estate Company under Dream Beach properties. Started small and gradually grew to transacting big ticket commercial plots and buildings. Given our experience with ultra-high net worth investors, the demand and supply waves in 2019 dictated DARAHIM expansion into private equity business accessing the top 50 GCC investors decision makers specializing in the Foods, Retail Chains, FMCG, E-Commerce, Fintech, IoT industry, and are constantly looking for acquisitions proposals of profitable & prospect businesses in GCC and Egypt.
Partners in DARAHIM facilitate FX account management on major currencies and commodities to our private investors. We chose to manage Forex and Commodity management due to the high market liquidity, convenient room to apply risk measures, and our deep understanding of the price action for these securities. We found an innovative strategy to manage risk, which we call the 0% risk policy, that's why we succeeded over the years to sustain profit. We understand FX market is high risk high reward cycles that's why investors' best chance is under an expert management like DARAHIM