The Best Investment Company In Abu Dhabi

Established UAE-Based Investment Company

Innovative Investment Company

This how we love to define ourselves, we are an innovative investment Commercial Broker and FX account management company, newly established in the UAE, at the heart of Abu Dhabi right in the financial hub center – World Trade Center.

We founded Darahim in June 2019 in United Arab Emirates, to promote our 25 years of successful investment in the global market, with focus expertise on Highly demanded investments in the market from acquisitions to real estate and high up to FX account management on major currencies and commodity markets.

We chose to trade Forex and Commodity due to the high market liquidity, convenient room to apply risk measures, and our deep understanding of the price action for these securities.

We founded an innovative strategy to manage risk, which we call it 0% risk policy, that’s why we succeeded over the years to sustain profit, over losing a single penny from the investment capital. This is a single component among many other unique skills we have ensuring stringent risk management is in place. As our utmost priority is the capital protection, and the privacy of our clients, while profits come second.

Our client’s privacy is crucial to us, that’s why we carefully chose our partners not only to provide the best of the best investment solution globally, but also to protect the fund and ensure maximum security, data privacy and protection. We have strict customer privacy policy, we never disclose details about our clients, except for regulatory purposes.

This could not have been done without our exceptional team skills and the prominent experience of Darahim.